REAL Weather Features

  • Fast Install

    Drop a couple pre-fabs and type in your API key and you're done

  • Looks up Users Location

    Uses the GPS radio for mobile or IP lookup for consoles/desktops

  • Extremely Flexible

    Lookup weather by city name, zip, lat/lon, or city code

  • Games come alive

    Make your games unique every time with changing real weather conditions

iPhone mockup
  • No Coding required

    If you just want the current forecast temp no coding is needed

  • Deep API

    If you desire there is a rich API to interact with

  • Example Applications

    Sample scenes are provided showing the simple integration

  • Great Support

    We are developers who love to chat with developers so feel free to email

Plug-in Uses

There are many places where a real weather integraton will come in handy. You can add realism to your games such as first person shooters, isometric games, and platformers by having the users real weather show up in the game. Or if your game is based on Paris use the real weather in Paris at that time. You can also add amazing realism by doing the same thing to simulation games such as car, airport, and airplane games.

Lastly, if you're not developing a game this is the easiest way to simply get the weather for a specific location built in to a mobile, console, or desktop application.

Download Unity Asset

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